Posted by: nativeiowan | September 10, 2011

two year-olds are amazing…

… I watch as Dylan trots around on his tip-toes. Now he is not terribly proficient at waking yet. He has still to learn that gravity never sleeps. But he trots around on his tip-toes.

He’s now doing the dare-devil high jump act. Thankfully his mom sits closer than I so I need only be amused as the dramas transpire. I have nick-named him houdini as he can simply disappear. I spent yesterday erecting barriers around the pool in his honour.

I am a bit distracted today. Not enjoying the kids to the fullest. Their noise has annoyed as much as entertained… Maybe  a bit of a grump on or maybe just thinking about the next stint of travels.

Angelina is doing the 5 yr old 500 questions a minute thing as I type. The boys have been in a strange, almost testosterone poisoned, mood. They are into their dance and some of the modern dance may be a bit too mature for “children”.

Do I sound old-fashioned or out of date?

In the fence work I did: I cut up an old sheet of 1″ ply and laid in israeli type personal barriers about Dylan’s height. After I dug the sheet of ply out of the shed, I somehow thought I could grab it, swing it over my head, and walk away. I ended up calling for help. Dern thing was heavy.

So maybe not so much old-fashioned as just plain OLD…



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