Posted by: nativeiowan | September 10, 2011

events that define…

juz thinking here…

What are some events we can list that have defined an era? Please feel free to add to this…

20s – 40s: boom time, bust, depression, suicide, work corps, dustbowls, colonialism decays and falters, Hoover damn, Damn Hoover, the war to end all wars then the 2nd war to end all wars, pearl harbour, Dresden, london bombings, China, military events are plentiful: the trench war in France, Fall of Singapore, Guadalcanal, Normandy invasion as success as orchestrated by Churchill, , Gallipoli disaster in WW1 as orchestrated by Churchill, African famine, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the fire storms of Tokyo, german extermination camps,

50s: Korean War, post WW2 industrial boom, Jet planes, biggest baby boom the world has ever seen, Elvis, R&B, beginning of R&R, suburbia, mass education for western world, colonialism changes and redefines itself through industrial development, China, African famine

60s: Civil Rights, Viet Nam, Kent State shooting. JFK shot. MLK shot, BobK shot, “babies starving in Biafra” (where the hell was Biafra?), R&R, China, African famine, Cuba, Space travel,

70s: The fall of Saigon, Water gate, Disco, Star Wars, Jimmy Carter, first oil panick following fall of Shaw of Iran, first real showing of islamic fundamentalism in Iran, China, African famine, IRA in London, Red brigade in Europe, economic crisis in 1st fuel panick, Space travel,

80s: The guy who was co-starred to Bonzo the Chimp in a series of famous hollywood productions becomes president, The iron maiden rules the UK, A different star wars, China, African famine, Pope gets shot, The guy with the chimp gets shot by a lunatic and very sadly survives, John Lennon gets shot by a lunatic and very sadly dies, the “generation of greed” graduate from university,economic disaster republican excess leads to democrat prudence, personal computing becomes a reality,

90s:The decade of Oil wars, China, Osama Bin Ladin & his quite ept cohorts, African famine, economic disaster Asian banking collapse, Democrat excess leads to republican prudence, An independent almost gets in… Ross for Bosss…

First decade of 21st century: Oil wars continue, World trade Centre and other attacks on 9/11, George W defines his administration through “a war on terror”, Arab Spring surprises everyone (or does it?), China is a concern, Barak Obama and his inept cohorts, African famine, economic disaster GFC,

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