Posted by: nativeiowan | September 3, 2011

as the day ends

Have Tom and Jerry on the tube. It is one of the few programs we can all agree on.

Dylan is in the kitchen with his mother. They are singing and playing and his laughter is infectious. Little ditties about Noah and his ark, the fishy swimming up the stream. He is quite cute.

Angelina needed so much attention this afternoon that she came down with a fever. We dosed her up with drugs and she slept a while then jumped up and started playing again. She and Mendozza started doing “karate” at one point and I do believe she made him cry a third time today. He did it quietly, like a man, and pretended it never happened, like a man. Somewhere in the proceedings Angelina went up and kissed Mendozza full on the mouth. We all laughed and Mendozza got a bit grumpy, just like a man. She is down and out in front of the tube.

After expanding an amazing amount of energy, and with great difficulty, when Mendozza lays down, even for a microsecond, he passes out. He is out cold on the sofa.

Angelo is laughing to the antics of the animated characters. He’s got a nice blanket and a pile of pillows so, like a good comfort seeking hound, he’s set for the night.

It has been a pretty full on day. Before supper we were all jumping off the furniture. Dylan climbs up on something about his tit-level high then launches himself, arms and legs akimbo, and lands uninjured… so far.

We rigged a new swing today that Dylan can manage by himself. Luckily I am from Iowa and have my prerequisite wrestling mats on hand so we can put a mat under him so no permanent damage can happen.

So, at 9pm, the oldest and the youngest are still awake.  We’ve had no real emergencies. We have by and large laughed all day. And managed to get ice cream twice.

And its all good fun.

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