Posted by: nativeiowan | September 3, 2011

a lazy Saturday

Is good fer the soul. Now, my question is: Can you have a lazy Saturday with 4 kids and a pool?

I think so. You do though have to watch 2 yr old Dylan who will do a “Houdini” on you. I went upstairs at one point, got what I wanted and came back, he was up the stairs behind me, unnoticed by anyone. About noon he filled his drawers and everyone started running from him, he spelt so bad. Even the dogs wouldn’t play with him. He kept swinging as we speculated how nice a warm load in your shorts would feel…

Mendozza is a bit too daring and I do see some problems with the flying-fox and his need to get as close to the apex as possible. He started crying twice today and each time it was when someone banged an existing scab or bruise. He loves showing off his injuries.

Angelo is a very good young man in kids clothing. He has s a quiet streak but, though not a strong leader, he is a great manager once he’s been given his instructions.

Angelina is a drama queen but cute as hell. After one of the dramas (I call them attention deficit sessions … she needs attention so has a session) I brushed her hair out. Now I am not the most gentle of grooms and she did squeak a bit, and it took a while, but it was good for us both.

We managed to get most to crash after lunch, about 2. About 6pm now so I should go see if there is more fun to be had.

Life is good..


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