Posted by: nativeiowan | August 21, 2011

Happy Birthday

Officially, 1208am so my birthday is done. But it’s all good. One of the neat things about this social networking BS is you aint got no excuse to forget folks’ bdays…

I have been living and traveling, over the past many years, and often end up alone or in remote places on my bday so I have never really been in the habit of “celebrating”. This year was different. My 6 yr old grandson, Mendozza, insisted on a party so we combined 2yr old Dylan, daughter Annie and I (All born in August) for a fun filled party last week. That set me free to come ride and enjoy Oz this week

I was supposed to (had planned to) spend my bday riding long distances on my bikes. Had told my self (2 years running now) that I’d ride 500 miles on my birthday. But dern it, weather here on the “Sunshine Coast” aint very sunshiny in August. And this year, my second here in Queensland, it is down right miserable. It is winter here now… as the Ozzies would say… “fair dinkum”.

So I sat at home. Been nursing a flu bug for a few days so no chance of doing much even if it was nice. Not really strong enough for a long ride after sleeping for a couple days. But dern, I find it cold here. And people laugh at me but, hey, I’m from the tropics where the mean temp is about 90 degrees… year in, year out… 90 degrees. So I come here where it drops to near freezing at night then warms up into the 80s during the day. Sure, it can be real nice during the day. But hell… it aint been warming up during the day. It’s been cold all through. And I am cold all through.

In the tropics I keep my house and office about 75 degrees. I run big, nasty air conditioning units to achieve this but the effect is pleasant. Now here, in Queensland, they do not heat houses. I have a reverse cycle aircon unit so I turn the heat onto the same temp I turn the aircon onto in the Solomons. For some reason though it’s colder here at 73 degrees. Temp outside now is right on 50 f out, 14 c.

So a frustrating birthday. My plans astray. But that’s OK. I feel good. The flu bug is beaten. Weather forecasts are not good for riders from the tropics. So I’ll concentrate on work and enjoy the quiet.

All good.


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