Posted by: nativeiowan | August 20, 2011

utter bullshit…

Golly… talk about the pot calling the kettle black…

Lilo orders sacking of top officials

Lilo has ordered the sacking of three top government officials.

FINANCE Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has ordered the sacking of three top government officials within the ministry.

Mr Lilo has directed his permanent secretary Shadrack Fanega to recommend to the Public Service Commission (PSC) to terminate the three officers.
However, it is still unclear who the officers are.

The sacking comes as a result of an initiative by the minister to tackle and clean up corruption within his ministry.

Mr Lilo said the ministry is currently taking tough actions against dishonest officers who are trying to defraud the Government.

Meanwhile, the ministry’s permanent secretary Shadrack Fanega has advised ministries that incident of maladministration, fraud and corruption by government officers and suppliers will not be tolerated.

Therefore, all suspicious claims are to be referred immediately to the internal Audit Unit for investigation.

The ministry has recently uncovered a number of cases of misuse of public funds by officials in Government ministries due to fraudulent procurement practices.

Mr Fanega noted that MoFT Internal Audit has recently discovered several suspected cases of fraud and corruption by public officers and suppliers.

He said the cases have already been referred to the police for investigations.

These cases relate to the provision of information technology equipment and stationer.

Mr Fanega cited examples of:

· A public officer employed at one ministry undertaking private employment on behalf of his company in core public sector working hours, with the Government paying substantial amounts of money for goods and services to this suppler

· Quotes being falsely prepared and submitted with the supplier’s bid in relation to competitor companies, ensuring that the supplier was the ‘preferred’ supplier and judged least expensive; and

· In some ministries the amount of money spent on IT toners and cartridges was in excess of amounts that could be reasonably used.

Mr Fanega added that MoFT is also working with the ministry of Public Service on this issue and a number of public officials have been suspended from their posts pending the outcome of investigations.

Mr Fanega confirmed that MOFT would continue to send all suspected claims to the internal audit and to the police for investigation.

He affirmed that instances of maladministration, fraud and corruption divert scarce resources away from essential government services such as health, education and infrastructure development.

“In addition, fraud and corruption by government officials jeopardizes future funding support from donor countries,” he said.

“In future, the government will only be undertaking business with suppliers that are registered to undertake business and registered to meet their tax obligation.”

In the meantime, Mr Fanega called on those with specific information of suspected maladministration, fraud or corrupt practices being carried out by public officials to report it to the internal Audit Unit to the ministry.

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