Posted by: nativeiowan | August 19, 2011

one can only hope…

PM under scrutiny: Likely to face misconduct claims

PM PhilipOpposition leader Dr Sikua said he would be lodging a complaint to the LCC against the Prime Minister.

THE Leadership Code Commission (LCC) office is keeping a close tab on the alleged misconduct in office by Prime Minister Danny Philip.
The Opposition leader Dr Derek Sikua yesterday hit back at the Prime Minister over the sale of the Government house at Tandai to West Honiara Member of Parliament (MP) Namson Tran.This was after Prime Minister Philip accused the Opposition of applying a desperate political stunt to overthrow his regime over the sale.

A statement from LCC said that they were closely watching the situation as they wait for a report from the Opposition.

Dr Sikua said he would be lodging a complaint to the LCC against the Prime Minister for misconduct in office as well as the courts to see if fraud was also involved.

“The Opposition has the right to complain and we can investigate to prove whether the Prime Minister is guilty or not,” the statement said.

Under the Leadership Code (further provisions act 1999) the Opposition must provide the name (person(s) involved), time, date and venue to support their complaints.

All these must be proven with evidence, the statement said.

Meanwhile, Ombudsman Joe Porowai said they were also keeping a close eye on the issue.

Mr Porowai said although the LCC are directly involved in such situations they would be stepping in only if the administrative process regarding the issue is done illegitimately.

“If it’s a political decision by the Cabinet then we cannot intervene because our constitution does not allow us,” he said.

However, he said he would be meeting with his executive on the matter.

Prime Minister Danny Philip who was on a busy schedule to the Malaita Province for the Malaita Day celebrations could not be reached for comments yesterday.

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