Posted by: nativeiowan | August 15, 2011

the insects humm,

… as the night comes. A church bell, in the valley, calls the faithful to service. Cook fires flavor the eve. Geckos bark and mosquitoes annoy me.

Just a while ago… I was having a proud look at the new “bio-cycle” waste treatment system we installed… standing up on the deck and watching/ listening as the pumps switched gears and pathogen-free water was sprayed over a large area. I was paying attention to the system doing its job when I heard a small “peep”. I looked to my left and saw…

… one of Gracie’s little friends showing off.

I just sprayed on insect-killer stuff all over my body (I know, how stupid?) so the dern things hover about a foot from me and buzzz angrily. I think the killer-stuff works as bugs are dying on me… must be powerful…

Flying off tomorrow for a few weeks in Australia. I normally call it Aus. And those who inhabit the land, Aussies. But for the sake of colorful writing I will from here on refer to the land-down-under as Oz. And the inhabitants of that blessed land, Ozzies.

I really, really like Oz. For numerous reasons. Some right, some wrong. It is a good land. Ozzies are great fun. All ways enjoy my time in Oz.

Have to get the bikes and car all charged up and back on the road. Leaving things to sit is never good for them.

Sooo much going on. And it is all good. Frustrations are a constant occurance, and, as near as I can tell, would not be frustrating unless you were trying to “get somewhere”. I guess if you are willing to simply sit, plugged-in or not, and attempt little, then you may have few frustrations.

The Buddhist Monk’s conundrum: remove your self from society to seek enlightenment, become enlightened but know nothing of society… even the language by which others communicate.

Enlightenment of one… is it enlightenment?

Or is enlightenment like so many other “things”… it can only truly occur in numbers? Singular ocurances are aberrations. True success, true enlightenment happens when society as  a whole is effected.



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