Posted by: nativeiowan | August 14, 2011

Sunday morn coming down…

Sitting on the deck. Angelo, Mendozza and Angelina are in the pool. Or rather, in the boat in the pool.

Insects buzz, a thought of a breeze tickles the leaves, the kids are noisy.

I pulled the kids out of the house. It is a mess. We had a birthday party for Dylan,Terry’s son, just turned 2, yesterday. We saw no less than 20 kids between 1 and 11 with half being under 3. It was a hoot. All those kids to pester and play with…

In the islands every baby has a “house-girl” of their own so we fed, I think something like 40 people. And it was a good party and a great feed. Terry, Tony, Annie,  (who also has birthday this month and considered it her party too) and a few others decided to have a solbrew drinking contest then see who could drink the most wine the fastest then decided a bottle of sapphire gin was a good idea… It was well after midnight when Terry wobbled in and politely asked if they could open a bottle of chivas I had been given earlier (I have an August birthday too). I deemed it unwise to open such a nice bottle at such a late hour. That was the end of the party and everyone headed home…

It was shortly after that Terry started chundering… it went on for a while. At one point, before I went to bed at 2, I was doing a final clean up… The dogs were on the wrestling mats so couldn’t pick them up. All food and breakables were in the kitchen. Lid was open on the big, empty, cooler full of ice still, but barren of liquid friendship.

As I was hanging to hammock up high to keep the dogs out of it Terry stumbled out of the house… said “still gotta spew…” and found his way into the darkness. I think he slept outside.

The kids were all in a huddle on the carpet when I shut the house down. They remind me of puppies when they do this. Cuddle into a pile of limbs.

I was roused by happy kids-noise early in the morning. I am though a good sleeper, and rolled and dozed until about 9. I then went out and stretched out on the couch as the kids made messes and watched Michael Jackson dance.

These kids are dancers. Annie’s is married iKiribati and she was a decent “tamure” dancer. Her husband, Tony, was always the DJ for the dance group. I think that’s how they got together. Dancing.

But these kids all know how to dance. Between the islands styles, the free styles, the hip-hop… they know how to dance. And they watch a lot of dance flicks. Which is good.. sorta… I have seen sweet little Angelina singing along to a song saying something like “… baby I want your body soooooo baaaaaaddddd….

Dylan just joined us. 2 yrs is still very much a baby so I remove my name from the responsible adult list. I am good with kids that bounce and bruise without moms popping a cork. We live kinda rough…

Speaking of which… I put a flying-fox up over the pool for this party. It is kinda funky but it works for kids up to about 8 – 10. I used a bit of old yacht-braid and simply cannot pull it tight enough, not to give. So we launch up the steps, about 10 feet or so above the pool. The kids get a few second ride holding on as long as they can then drop in the water. Drop too early you bounce on the deck. Too late and you collide with the side of the pool.

Like I said… we live kinda rough.

Mendozza is teaching Dylan to jump down the steps. As dancers they can’t just walk… they shimmy and shake, slide and jump. It’s kinda cool. So each step is a dance step. Each group of steps is an opportunity for air-time.

With all the boats we’re involved with we have a lot of neat ropes and pulleys. Like the flying-fox, we have rigging enough for lots of fun. The tarzan rope here started as a banana hanging rope and has evolved into a permanent fixture of fun. It allows them to get the nice side-kick thing happening with centrifugal force.

So Dylan is following suit and trying to jump down 2 steps at a time. Mendozza has just put a bucket on top of the tool box to give him more hight, more air-time. He is jumping a vertical drop of 6 feet/ 2 meters. Launching several feet out, into the air…

Anglo has just traded the tarzan rope for the bike… He plays the daredevil by riding just a few inches from my toes each time he rides by me. he gives me a cheeky grin each time he passes. Of course I refuse to move my toes…

My pot of coffee is about done. Angelina is now braiding my hair. The heat of the midday sun is being felt, even under this leaf-roof and all the shading. Almost 1pm…

Sunday morning coming down.


  1. As always…a fine read…

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