Posted by: nativeiowan | August 7, 2011

remind you of somebody?

Solomon Mamoloni used this tactic a lot… put off calling parliament as long as possible… Who wants to bet they try to avoid a sitting of parliament in November?

PM slams opponent’s call

PM Philip

PARLIAMENT will not convene until November, Prime Minister Danny Philip says.

Mr Philip in a press statement this week said the National Coalition Government for Reform and Rural Advancement (NCRA) do not think that convening another Parliament meeting in August was necessary.He said this was because of the fact that the 2011 National Budget was passed only in April this year.

The Prime Minister was responding to Opposition Leader Dr Derek Sikua’s call for the Prime Minister to call Parliament immediately.

Dr Sikua early last month questioned the Prime Minister’s seriousness on the reforms of NCRA when he is not intending to call parliament this month to legislate the desired changes.

But the Prime Minister said the Government would use this period to work on its reform agenda with the view of introducing new reform bills during the November/December session of Parliament.

“These are issues the Government requires ample time to work on before they are introduced to Parliament,” he said.

Mr Philip said during this period his Government would make sure that all legislative propositions and issues are thoroughly considered and addressed.

He said this must be done before Parliament could be summoned to examine any legislative reforms which are currently being considered by the Government.

“Political expediency or political point-scoring has no place in such matters when we consider how important these matters are to the future of our nation.

“For instance, the Government intends to introduce legislation on the administration and registration of Political Parties and amendments to our electoral laws will be definitely required but we need ample time.”

Mr Philip said currently some of these proposed reforms are undertaken at the ministry level.

Therefore, when it is confirmed by the relevant ministries, Parliament will then consider the amendments.

The Prime Minister said some of the reforms require nation-wide consultation such as the reform into customary law and customary land tenure now undertaken by the Customary Land Reform Unit under the National Bureau for social and Economic Reforms.

“Only upon the completion of such national consultations and other necessary tasks will Parliament be in a position to debate and consider these reforms in the forms of Bills,” the Prime Minister said.

He added that in terms of possible supplementary appropriations bills, the Opposition must understand that the 2011 Budget was only passed in April 2011 and it did not make sense to introduce supplementary appropriation bills after only three months after the 2011 budget was passed by Parliament.

The Prime Minister said Parliament sittings are quite expensive and it is not wise to call Parliament soon just to discuss few things when they could be accommodated at a later sitting.

“There are also crucial meetings which the Prime Minister must attend in the latter part of August up to the end of October such as the Pacific Forum meeting in New Zealand, the UN General Assembly, and the Commonwealth Meeting in Perth, which will all take place within the same period.”

Mr Philip said if the Opposition has any serious issues relating to these proposed reforms, they should use existing avenues to forward their concerns to the relevant ministries.


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