Posted by: nativeiowan | August 2, 2011

What is the moral here…

Tragic rescue: Husband missing after rescuing wife from croc’s mouth

Salt water crocs, such as in this picture are regularly seen in the ocean, even reaching Honiara city areas.

A FATHER has gone missing since Sunday after rescuing his wife from a crocodile attack.

The incident occurred at the Mbokokimbo river, North East Guadalcanal, Sunday afternoon.The incident was described as a heroic act by the father as well as a sad one after rescuing his wife.

Initial reports said the father was taken away while saving his wife from the crocodile’s attack.

As of yesterday his body was never recovered by the search team.

It was revealed the couple were at the river when the reptile first attacked the wife.

It was during the struggle between the wife and the reptile that the husband intervened and managed to free his wife from the crocodile’s mouth.

The crocodile then turned around attacked and got hold of the husband who later disappeared with the crocodile underwater, reports said.

The wife was immediately rushed to the national referral hospital (NRH) by truck as search for the missing husband was launched along the river the same day.

The wife was admitted at the hospital after 5pm on Sunday and is under medical treatment and observation.

As the wife continues recover she was devastated by the news of her husband still missing.

Medical officers at the hospital yesterday confirmed the incident saying the mother is still under medical observation at the hospital.

Medical doctors at the hospital last night worked on treating the wounds.

And it was confirmed the mother sustained deep bites on her right forearm and thigh.

The urgency now is to treat the wounds and avoid infection, hospital doctors said.

The woman is from Makira married with kids to this Guadalcanal man from Samaria village.

The police media unit yesterday confirmed the incident saying the couple were at the river when they were reportedly attacked by a crocodile.

“The wife sustained serious injuries but the husband unfortunately disappeared following the attack.”

The media unit said police assisted locals to search for the missing father.

As of 4.40pm yesterday the husband has yet to be located, the police media unit said.

Mbokokimbo river is known for its increasing presence of crocodiles.

A number of villagers have been victims of a crocodile attack in the river in the past.

Despite calls to hunt down and shoot the reptiles very little was done to eliminate the population of crocodile in that river.

The incident on Sunday had once again prompted calls by villagers to address the situation at the river which is often used by the villagers for washing, cleaning and swimming.


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