Posted by: nativeiowan | July 15, 2011

in Honiara

So not very much to report…

Per this item: As the terribly corrupt and ineffective government led by my old buddy, Danny Philip, continues to terminate its senior administrators, one can only wonder “who’s watching the cookie jar”… if 14 senior level administrators are removed from 24 ministries there must be a vacuum…

or is that the intent? What could be construed as a move to clean things up may well be a move to remove any controls what so ever?

Note that Mark Kemakeza is still a respected member of the Danny Philip government.

PM orders sacking

THURSDAY, 14 JULY 2011 04:49
PRIME Minister Danny Philip has ordered the sacking of three top Government officers.

The trio are director of mines Peter Auga, commissioner of lands Silva Dunge and registrar of titles Haelo Pelu.It is understood Prime Minister Philip ordered their dismissal to the public service commission (PSC) following an investigation into the registration of land and the granting of various licenses to a foreign mining company interested in the nickel deposits in Isabel Province.

Prime Minister Philip ordered his office to undertake an investigation into the Isabel nickel saga after he discovered that the former Minister of Mines Mark Kemakeza issued a letter of intent to a foreign company and three days later, issued the same company with a prospecting license.

The permanent secretary of the ministry of mines and energy Benjamin Newyear was also caught in the loop.

However, Mr Auga was only given a directive by the Prime Minister to be reassigned.

It is understood while the permanent secretary of mines was accounting officer, he was not directly responsible for the administration of any of the Acts violated therefore the Prime Minister recommended only his reassignment.

It is understood the commissioner of lands and registrar of titles were also sacked for their involvement in illegal sale of land at the Lungga area without the ministry’s approval.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office stated that the officers recommended to be fired, had acted irresponsibly as they were directly responsible for the administration of laws relating to the issue.

The four top Government officers are part of the 14 government officers who were suspended earlier this month.

The suspended officers comprise from the Rennell and Bellona provincial government, ministry of aviation and communication, ministry of finance and treasury, ministry of health and medical services, ministry of provincial government, ministry of education, ministry of development planning, ministry of police, ministry of law and justice and the leadership code commission.

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