Posted by: nativeiowan | July 11, 2011

Another one…

some one’s math skills are not too good… 1 mil + 200k + 500k = 1.2 mil? I guess it does, in the Solomons…

$1M pledge
MONDAY, 11 JULY 2011 04:50

PM Danny Philip and APS fundraising committee members Sir Tommy Chan and Fr John Lamani.
Prime Minister Danny Philip has pledges 1 million to Auki primary school (APS) fundraising committee in aid of rebuilding the school.

This was announced by the Chairman of the fundraising committee Sir Tommy Chan during the second fundraising event at the Honiara hotel on Saturday.

The Prime Minister pledge now increases the money raised so far to $1.2 million which was more than what the committee is targeting.

In the first fundraising event on June 2 the committee has raised more than $200,000 from corporate tables, auctions, riffle tickets and queen show.

Actual figures of the total amount raised from June 2 and on Saturday should be made known today by the fundraising committee.

On Saturday it was estimated that more the $500,000 was raised mostly on pledges and auctions.

Once all the money are collected the fundraising committee will then handover the money to the school on a later date.

Auki primary was burnt down on June 14 which denied hundreds of school children the right to education.

The school is one of the first schools to be built in the provinces as well in the country.

Some of the elites in the country with good educational background were once groomed from the school.

The fundraising on Saturday is the final events of raising money for the school.

Meanwhile Chung Wah school in recognition of the effort done by the fundraising committee also assist by placing a donation box at their school.

Parents, teachers and school children have been donating towards the APS fundraising drive over the past week.


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