Posted by: nativeiowan | June 18, 2011

rider’s log 16-620-11

Had both bikes out for a spin this morn. The f800r is a slick bike. I took it then the R1200RTSE over the same roads. Speed limit 80ks… I found the ride on the 800 to be effortless while I found myself riding the brake on the 1200. The 800, so much lighter, corners like a dream. The 1200 does a great job but is just simply a bigger bike and don’t do corners as well.

I did a few k run up the freeway on both bikes and thats where the 1200 comes into it’s own. a day in the saddle on the 1200 would be fine where you’d be crippled after more than 4 hours on the 800.

I am glad both have heated seats and hand grips. Temps a bit low as it is winter here in Queensland. Lows tonight to be down below 50f or 9c…

Got a stocking-cap, wooly sweater and fur boots on and the sun is still up, and life is gud…

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