Posted by: nativeiowan | June 14, 2011

sad times…

So much for education in the isles… I like the line about the fire truck not being functional…

Auki school blaze
WEDNESDAY, 15 JUNE 2011 04:36

ONE of Malaita Province’s historical icon, Auki Primary School (APS) was burnt down early hours of yesterday morning.

A double storey classroom was believed to have been torched to the ground.

The incident happened between 2am-3am.

Deputy head teacher Paul Totore said they were shocked and they were not aware of who was responsible for the burning down of the school.

“It look as if someone was responsible for the fire but we cannot jump to conclusions until an investigation is carried out”, he said.

Mr Totore called on parents not to take matters into their own hands but leave it to the police to deal with it.

But reports reaching the Solomon Star from Auki said it was the work of arsonists.

According to residents nearby, they saw two men walking into the school premises before the fire started.

A container containing fuel was also reportedly found at the scene in the morning.

It was understood Auki police were also handicapped with resources, thus they could not contain the fire.

The only fire truck in the province has no battery so it was useless as well.

Hundreds of students turned up for classes yesterday morning but to their dismay with only ashes left of what they had learnt over the years.

Meanwhile, Mr Totore described the school as the pride of Malaita Province.

APS is one of the first schools to be built in the province as well as the country.

“Some of the elites in the country with good educational backgrounds were once groomed from this very own school and it is a sad thing,” Mr Totore said.

A grieving parent Billy Sumani spoke on behalf of the parents of the school stating that the burning down meant that a lot of children would be deprived of their rights to education.

“It’s a sad thing for the province and I am not happy,” he said.


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