Posted by: nativeiowan | June 13, 2011

all guud

I sit in Gizo as the light fades. The cicadas sing and the power is off. I got up to the house about 1pm. Flew in from Honiara, did some work at the depot then came home. Hooked up and logged in and, the power went off.

Had a great, drowsy afternoon.

I flew up with some nice steaks for supper. The boys get a lot of fish but good meat does not visit Gizo often. Last week I brought up a nice ham we shaved, sliced and gnawed for the entire week. Today I brought up some nice looking sirloin.

At the Gizo house, or rather, in the Gizo house resides a quite insane cat. The Gizo house is a great place and a great place for cats but, is also the home of a bunch of dogs. There are old dogs n young dogs n short dogs and long dogs… we are dog people and we feed a whole mess of them.

Some time they get fed cats.

As much as we like dogs we like cats too. With our old dogs we ran the dogs cats and birds together. Somewhere in the family archives is a picture of a young ridgeback, with a wild cat only Paul could handle, and an Eclectus parrot the kids had clipped it’s wings… They were all eating out of the same bowl.

So we bring cats to the house and, sadly, inevitably, they wish to step out of the house and, yep, the dogs win.  They win every time. But this once…

The cat that resides here has no real name. He once decided to wander out-of-doors and was rescued after two dogs decided to play tug o war with him. The cat obviously survived and lives merrily, if insane, in the Gizo house

The wind just blew up… the power is still off.

The stove is electric. I cannot cook until the power comes on.

I have had the steaks merinading all day. They are going to be real good. But I need power.

Last week we had a ham. The dern cat would not eat any of it. Paul explained that cat is a fussy eater. But refusing ham? He stole a full steak a while ago. Guess it is good to see he like beef.

I’ll work on a story of the insane Cat that lives on an island in a sea of dogs.

Light is ending. It will be real dark, real soon. Have a kero light near by. Also have a standby generator in the shed. Not sure why the boys are not using it but I wold not doubt that it is nothing more than a flat battery.

The wind blows from the north. A bad wind, indeed. I hate northerlies. They mean bad news as this anchorage is protected to all quarters but north. When I was last in the shipping business you got used to hearing the wind pick up and worrying about your vessel.

And life is guuud… even for the cat stranded in a sea of dogs….


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