Posted by: nativeiowan | June 3, 2011

too tired, too early

Being on the water wears you out. This past week has been fun but I’m looking for bed and it ain’t 8pm. What a wusss… Last day, tomorrow.

More clean up and maintenance work here at Gizo. Then schedule our next projects. The guys have done a great job rebuilding the wharf. The depot is doing well but still needs a lot of work. Considering we got hit by an 8.1 earth quake and a resultant tsunami in 2007, we’re doing real, real good.

The Alcol is near the end of it’s rebuild. It is a pleasure and an honour to work with Uncle Noel Hudson. He’s a genius. He’s an impressive human.

As a bit of background: The LC (landing craft) Alcol is an old steel hulled barge of 300 tonne class. For a boy from Iowa I have done pretty good in regards to the Ocean. Knew nothing about it when I came out. knew less than nothing.

I once heard a definition of an “Island” as, “a body of land, surrounded by water, that demands ownership of a boat”.

We’ve had boats for a long time. Mostly small. The Alcol is the biggest thing we’ve ever owned. Once looked at buying a 1000 tonne barge. The Alcol is only 300 tonnes or 100 feet long by 25 feet wide.

As mentioned, the Alcol is an “old” steel hulled barge. A couple of years ago the vessel’s owner was not sure if he was going to repair it or scuttle it. It needed a mountain of work. I got involved and we have almost, completely rebuilt the vessel to a very high standard. By the end of July we should be certified and all ready to haul fuel round these islands. We did the rebuild at Uncle Noel’s very remote and very bitch’n ship yard on Liapari island…

The ship yard is the small line about 6 oclock in the south side of the bay.

Everything had to be shipped in from Honiara. A logistical wet-dream. It has been 2 years as of last month. And we’re aiming to be surveyed and in service by end July. Lots of pictures from several trips chronicle the rebuild. It is literally an amazing feat

Found the tune that fits my mood…

05 watrerfront


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