Posted by: nativeiowan | May 31, 2011

as the day ends

Not as planned. But very good. Have been to Liapari and back today. Wether was better than great.

I am sun-baked and sea-dried. I recall the bottle of home-brew oil… good for insect repellant and sun burn. Heat rash and fatigue. Cold press coconut oil with some citronella, lavender, a bit of deet and some atlas cedar for good measure. I brought it from Honiara for the trip. I liberally rub it on my sun drenched arms, neck and face. It feels good.

Not sure what to listen to. Have Van Morrison on but I may have to look for something else. After the sea and sun Van ain’t doing it…

I try the Stones, “Shine a light” concert…

Nope, not that either…

Ricki Lee Jones, “flying cowboys”… sounds better.

01 flying cowboys 01

Working well…

I am being called out. The wind and darkness conspire. I really do not have a choice. This hill is powerful. It has a character of it’s own. I am putting it off. I like the rain. I feel the chilled breeze that precedes a shower…  it’s coming. And I am heading out… But I’ll wait for the rain.

And it was good. A brisk walk in a brief squall. RLJ still works.

The islands are good for you. The boat and engine combo I am using needs some work. It pushes hard on the tiller and, being a 50 hp 4 stroke, is a general bear of an engine. I am wore down by it. I’ll do some work trimming it up before I head off again tomorrow. The rain is gone. The silence is heavy. The sea surge sings… life is good…


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