Posted by: nativeiowan | May 29, 2011

that metallic taste

I am getting rid of that cold, metallic taste in my mouth.  That taste we all live with. That taste we all, almost ignore. That taste that abates over weekends, and vacations, and long public holidays…

I am getting rid of that cold, metallic taste in my mouth.  That taste that comes with being bound by a timepiece.

I have been a time oriented creature for so, so long. I have always had a good wristwatch that I wore night and day. The gold, tuning fork number that made a high-pitched whine. The very nice Omega I eventually gave away in favor of the old Rolex…

… Given to me by Rolf Nowak. Rolf has lived on Choiseul, near Choiseul Bay, for 40-some years. His is a long story. He bought his Rolex in 1955 and sailed from Vancouver into the Pacific. His are colorful stories. Life and death adventures on the high seas in a small boat. Rolf is still alive. I must pay him a visit soon.

He gave me his encrusted, old Rolex in 1991. I spent a small fortune getting Rolex in Geneva to clean it up. I have worn it night and day since then. And paid for subsequent repairs. I have considered it a talisman. A potent charm. It is older than I, has seen much more of the world than I, and was a gift from a powerful human.

I recently spent more money to get it completely refurbished.

Once, the Rolex Customer Service Manager stated, in a communication discussing the cost of repairing my much worn watch, “…you obviously wear your Rolex with enthusiasm…”

No matter what people say do not believe that an expensive watch is a good investment. It is a wonderful timepiece often a nice bit of jewelry… that requires a lot of attention. A Timex keeps as good or better time, and is much cheaper. But an old Rolex sure does have charm.

It has become a family tradition to gift a Rolex on big, big occasions.

SO: After repairing Rolf’s Rolex this last time (note: there is a very cool story here about Jim Robinson, the old Watchmaker in Melbourne who keeps our Rolex collection alive.) I decided to give it away.

The mountains helped a lot.

When I last flew to the States my watch was with Jim so I went without. And the mountains allowed me to understand that taste in my mouth.

You sure as hell don’t need a time piece when you are trout fish’n.

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