Posted by: nativeiowan | May 29, 2011

singing wind

Daylight ends subtly in Gizo this eve. The surf sings serenely as a lazy breeze stirs the warm air. The surf is quite audible. Makes me note I have not been here for some while. Those who live here often do not hear the sound of the surge.

The house on the hill in Gizo is indeed a bitch’n pad. I spend so little time here that my sons are disgruntled to think it is still “my bed room”. Had a night here in March. It’s almost June.

The surf becomes a cacophony of major chords. The weather may not be kind to me tomorrow. I smell that fresh breeze. I smell the rain a ‘coming.

And I roll off to Liapari tomorrow. I will though not intend to leave until late morning so if the seas are going to come up we’ll know.

The run to Liapari is 12 nautical miles.  At 20-plus kpnm you can get there quite comfortably in less thank an hour. If the seas are running high it do take a bit longer.

The seas of a wild “Vela Gulf” are legendary. Unless you have to you don’t risk too much. But a running sea can be a hoot.

The fruit bats screech nearby. The garden around this house is a mangle of fruit and nut trees. A feast for the nocturnals.

The water at this house is all tank-water. There is no mains supply of anything but power. We live on 4 x 2000 gallon alloy tanks.  It’s been raining heavily. The water is very fresh. Very light. A pleasure to suds up in.  I always take long cold showers here.

My dogs don’t remember me. And I don’t know most of the dogs here. I give them names… “black dog with white belly”, “short ugly, yellow dog, “red bone baby dog”. I was pleased to find my old, quarter-Rottweiler, “Red Bone”, still here and healthy. Her off spring are noticeable.

We are into our dogs.

And I played in the garden with Dylan. Terry and Val’s son, now about 18 months old. He is a cool dude. As good a looking kid as I have seen for a while. But then I may be biased. I am into my pups

I was once asked what I did… my reply was “make beautiful babies”. Makes me think that my parents, both still more than alive, have a total of 102 offspring. 27 of which is my mob.

It was great to play with Dylan. I had my 8-weight rod out practicing my casting. The yard here is perfect for a fly rod. He stood by me and watched the line as I played it out and stripped it back. He was aware of the process and made happy sounds when we got that perfect roiling, layout cast.

Everyone here beds down early and rises way early. No TV. Good internet speed.

Listing to Santana Abraxas… suits the night, suits the mood…

01 Singing Winds, Crying Beasts

Life is good.

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