Posted by: nativeiowan | May 28, 2011

an ear piercing party

For Angelina, age 5 and Ana, age 3…

Grandad is the family’s official ear piercer… I’ve been piercing ears for about 30 years. Did my daughter, a number of friends out there, and retain the right on all grandkids…

I was instructed to bring nice ear rings back from aus. So we had a party for the girls. Ana was more than keen. Being the youngest of 3 she is daring and was right-keen so she went first. Not many tears but we do it all the traditional way with the thorn from a bush-lime tree. Poke the thorn through the ear lobe, keep it from falling out  and wait 4 days and it’s all healed.

So Ana went first and Angelina pitched a fit. Not because she was afraid… she wanted to be first and would not let us continue once scorned.

So one of the girls has new holes in her ears. One is still playing coy.

Life is good.

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