Posted by: nativeiowan | May 5, 2011

buzz, buzz, buzz

I’m sitting in an “ol_man” lotus in the town of Missoula, in the state of Montana.  Temp is about 3c / 38 degrees…

A fire burns vigorously next to me.  Night settles in.

My buddy’s place here is bitch’n. Dok Chris and Dok Cath and their kids Leo and Wren are phenomenal.

Spring is springing here. I was out in a fly hatch today with Dok Filardi. It was amazing. Had to spend too much $$$ on some nifty gear… I remember “waders” to be heavy rubber buckets that always leaked. I hated duck hunting because my 5yr old hand-me-down “northern” waders were thin and leaked and I froze for hours, and hated duck hunting thereafter.

This gear is great.

I just pulled my hood up. I have wool socks, Polly long johns, jeans, a “tee “ and a long arm turtle neck. A hooded jacket and a wool scarf. Life is good.

Chris just poured me a splash of great red… I am slower now, sedated would be the term.

We did the “river runs through it” journey today. I struggled with tangled shrubs and personal tangles involving new piercings. Fly-Fishing is GREAT!

Dok Chris is a magician. These trout are ethereal. The slightest quiver makes them spook. Dok Chris says “look left, see the vee…”, and casts into a visible eddy and whammooo… he is amazing.

I have fished with Chris in the islands and now have the honor of having him guide me though this amazing biological process.

We were out today when a hatch occurred… it was magic.

More to come

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