Posted by: nativeiowan | May 3, 2011

Look forward to the next party…

Sitting in Des Moinse, Iowa. Just spent a weekend misbehaving with my family here. It was quite a bitch’n party.

My sister and her husband own a lake house in the southern part of the state. It sleeps 16 and stacks 27. Has a great fire-place and a very, very good pool table. Bro in law, Doug, is partial to good pool and this is as good a table as I can remember shooting on. So we had heaps of fun, plenty of fires, oodles of pool, and a never-ending river of grog.

I showed up at the Lake house on Thursday with Angela and Doug. Bro Bruce and his wife Mellitta and their two kids, Eli and Elora were already there. Bro in law Mike and Sister Jane, with grand kid Zoey showed up shortly after we did. We started the serious drinking immediately. And carried on until late.

Mike and Doug were golfing Friday morn. I think I went to bed about 4am and was up by 530am. I walked and watched the lake wake up…

By 10am I’d chosen to golf rather than sleep. And it was a good time. I had a couple pars and was happy that a “snowman”, 8 ,  was the highest score allowed in the game. After golf we ran back to the Lake House and got stuck into our large cache of grog. We were very thirsty and considering the grog we had at the house was better than was available at the golf club the first beer was being consumed with relish when we were informed that Bro Bruce had been stung the night before and was still in bed nursing his sore head. It was 4pm. He’d been hung-over, sick in bed all day long… !!! …. We laughed ourselves stupid.

So friday night we find Mike, Doug and I misbehaving. Bruce was still licking his wounds. Also, Mike and Janes’ daughters, Katie and Andrea, their husbands, Jarrod and Brian, and their two other grandkids arrived. So the house is filling up and we’re having lots of fun.

Saturday morning we were up and off fishing early. I had fun but am too spoilt by the ocean fishing I know to think I am going to get a big hook up. But the small size of the reel/rod and the potential for a “big” Bass or Crappie keep the jig going out and being retrieved back in. By early afternoon we were back and into our supply of grog and preparing for more arrivals.

And they came… and they came… There would have been almost 30 family members at supper Saturday night. We played hard but went to bed early, about midnight, after some poker where I fleeced the nephews.

More arrivals on Sunday for Granny’s birthday party. All up about 50 family members on site. We count 102 total family members so we had about half the clan in one place.

So the fun is over and it’s time to head home. I am going to stop by Montana for a dose of mountains before ending up In Aus.

This was a good run. First time my siblings have been together in 19 years.

Look forward to the next party…


  1. Sounds like a very good time was had by all!

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