Posted by: nativeiowan | April 26, 2011

Hydro Power for Honiara

This is perversely humourous for me in that I got sucked into being involved in the Tina Hydro Project a few years ago. I guess the reason I am most unhappy about the experience in that I got conned. I thought that by getting involved I could make a difference. After spending money doing research and drafting a project description (that was a 1000% different to anything that had been considered in to that time) our plan was accepted and then we were f*%&#ed off.

I feel I owe an apology to a couple of bros, W.E. and R.G., who I sucked into the project. It was fun and interesting and stimulating. And, as we said then, before you could do anything you had to get the Land Owners on side.

Well, it didn’t happen. And, sadly, between the World Wank, oops, I guess it’s spelt “bank”, and the inept SI government this has all gone up side down.

side note: Old hands from the Solomons will remember the big money plans to put a hydro dam in at Lungaa… lots of reasons but it never happened. At this time I do not belive a single hydro plant is running in the Solomons. Quite a shameful matter, really.

Consider: The Solomons has about the highest priced domestic power supply in the world… (old numbers here: US average about 10 cents, Aussie average about 15 cents… Solomons) … about 50 cents per kw. The Solomons is rich in hydro. We have high islands and decent rivers. Hydro has been successfully used in many places (like Buala) for ages. But nooooo… we can’t do it. It’s too hard.

The fun thing to come out of our interaction with the World Wank and this was the project proposal “we” produced was eventually written up and published as World Wank’s work. At least the right plan is being used but they engage consultants and advisors… before they have secured the cooperation of the people that own the land… When will we learn?

THE Tina River Hydro Landowners Council (TRHLC) last week issued a seven days ultimatum to the Prime Minister.

A seven resolution was agreed on and signed by more than 20 landowning tribes after a meeting held on Thursday.

A statement from the landowners council want government to act on their demands within seven days as of last Thursday which is expected to lapse Wednesday this week.

The Landowners Council (TRHLC) at its meeting held in Honiara made the following resolutions;

  • Prime and the cabinet to immediately direct the Ministry of Mines&Energy and the project office to deal through the landowners council regarding all matters of the Tina hydro project and stop dealing with individual tribe or tribes, or groups or groups. The house of chiefs, people and council do not want the NCRA government or any advisers to create a situation that cause division amongst tribes and people;
  • The Prime Minister’s office to immediately replace the current Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Mines&Energy to replace him with a capable and reliable person;
  • The Prime Minister office to immediately appoint a capable person to head the government’s negotiation team to negotiate the consent agreement, terms of reference and the memorandum of understanding with the landowners through the council;
  • The Prime Minister’s office to direct the Ministry of Mines&Energy and Rural Electrification reinstate the inclusion of a representative of the council in the SIG taskforce;
  • The Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Mines&Energy to immediately review the performance of the Project Manager to determine whether or not he has performed according to the requirements of his TOR;
  • The Prime Minister and cabinet must rescind the previous government decision to established the council and reconsider the ME&RE decision not to renew the council’s TOR;
  • The Prime Minister’s office and NCRA must immediately put an end to any attempt of a divide and rule tactic that destablises and cause division amongst the tribes and people of Malango and Bahomea.

The ultimatum issues by the council is that SIG is required to positively respond to these resolutions within seven days or the landowners will not allow any activities relating to the project to be undertaken within Malango and Bahomea area.

It is understood the resolution was also issued to the Prime Minister Danny Philip last week.

A spokesperson for PMO office when contacted over the weekend said a response might be issued later.

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