Posted by: nativeiowan | April 26, 2011

Hydro Power for Honiara 2

Just received from one of my partners in hydro-crime…

Oh, that’s all too funny.

I still have the original proposal, in which I find:

General Terms of Reference, Landowners

1. Identify the landowning groups who have an interest in the site, the watershed, the gravel pit(s), the construction road(s) and the transmission line(s).

2. Over a period of some months, hold a number of meetings with these groups. The function of the meetings will be two-fold: to explain, and to listen. The explanations will cover inter alia:

the nature of the project

the impacts of the project

the nature of the proposed landowner involvement

the possible returns to the landowners

the possible costs to the landowners

floods, droughts, and water quality

effects of construction on village life

environmental issues

3. The listening will cover any and all ideas, objections, and considerations that the landowners may have regarding the project.

4. We suggest that the Fijian model be followed for landowner approval. Under Fijian Law, before any land can be “alienated” for use as e.g. a hydroelectric site, it is necessary to obtain the signature of over 50% of the landowners to release the land for the specified purpose. This, of course, is easier in Fiji where land ownership is well-defined. However, it is no less important here.

5. The final outcome of the TOR will be the project document that grants authority to build and spells out the landowners rights and duties under the project, signed by over half of the landowners.

While it would be nice if the TOR for this challenge were able to be more specific, the nature of the task is to deal with whatever the landowners may throw up in the way of ideas, suggestions, or roadblocks. Since these are unknown, the real part of the TOR is to obtain a final signed agreement that covers both known and currently unknown issues.

Uh-huh …

Great to hear from you guys,


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