Posted by: nativeiowan | April 22, 2011

rider’s log 2203-11

Two great rides today.

Conditions could not have been better. Very little traffic. Blue skies and clear roads.

Senior Constable Smith, my neighbor, woke me at 9am ready to ride. By 930 we were on the road. Up through Montville, to the Melaney ridge over looking the Glass House Mountains.

On from there to Kenilworth for coffee. Then back through North Arm and Yandina. About 3 hours in the saddle all up.

Then DaveO called ready for a ride. 3pm we were out. Stopped a couple times but did the Montville to Landsborough road then off through the Maloola Valley, back home through Eudlo. A couple hours riding on back roads with good speed limits and no traffic. DaveO is a bit of a rider and was always miles ahead of me.

Some of the best riding one could image…



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