Posted by: nativeiowan | April 21, 2011

Simpler Times

Just watched the 1962 “James Bond” movie, “DR NO”.

A classic 007 movie. I know someone will ask who acted and I can only say that if I said “a Roger Moore 007 movie” it would be clear. Just as when I say “a James Bond movie”, there can only be one actor that comes to mind.

Call me old-fashioned!

So Sean is young and cool. He has Ursula Andres with him. I’d vote for her as #1 Bond Girl.

The original speel…

Some observations:

1) Old man Cameron that owned the ice cream joint at the market and ran the truck around Honiara… “B Cool Dairy” it was called. He was in this movie. His family were Bahai missionaries and lived in Honiara. People in town would flock to see this movie at the old cinema in town. I saw it once there. Ursula’s nipples looked great on the big screen.

2) Eventually James saves the Babe from being chained in a tunnel as the tide came in. Do evil people actually chain people up and leave them to be saved?

3) I won’t mention the tunnel/ sewer/ air vent James used to escape sure death.

4) The theme of the movie was heavily influenced with atomic energy. Dr No supposedly created the first atomic generator. Their recreation of a reactor for the set was pretty good but … James and Babe out ran the melt down of the reactor in a speed boat.

5) The CIA dude, Felix, was played by Hawaii 5-O, what’s his name… Lord or Loyd? He naturally shows up at the last scene to save the day. Just as James and Babe were getting steamy.

There were more… the plastic suits to protect against radioactivity that showed skin at the waist line, or everyone running for their lives as one boat, one lone boat, amidst all this chaos, waited for JB and Babe.

It was a good flick. It reminds me of Simpler Times…

Simpler times.

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