Posted by: nativeiowan | April 19, 2011

Classic Westerns

Everyone has an opinion. I think “The Searchers” is tops. I have not seen the new “True Grit” but the ol one was great. “The Cowboys” is another. Golly, was there a Western with out the Duke…

Hell, what about Clint… all the spaghetti westerns… Then the more recent one with Morgan Freeman… was it “The Forgotten”?

Just watched the tail end of “The Quick and The Dead”. Hot cast… Hackman, Crowe, DiCaprio and Sharon Stone showed her tits, again.

The best part… when the story all comes together and Sharon Stone kills Hackman in a quick draw competition… off the draw, quick shot of her…she is hit but only in the shoulder. Quick shot to Hackham, he stands perplexed… the sun behind him, gun in hand. A quick span to a shot from behind,His shadow is the major feature of the shot.  And we see a spot of light in his dark shadow… quick shot from the front and we see the 50-cal hole through his chest…

Great, tops, a classic western!

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