Posted by: nativeiowan | April 14, 2011

Talk about schizophrenic

This guy, a 2000 militant leader, a) won his seat in parliament by the largest majority recorded in the last election, and b) was recently found guilty for a 10 year old shooting of a guy while in a hospital bed. He was sumamrilly pardoned for his crime by the minister or board responsible… who has such powers. Of course the legal system is biased, bought and paid for… what is he going on about?

Lusibaea unhappy: North Malaita MP expressed disappointment with Judiciary

Jimmy Lusibaea

MEMBER of Parliament for North Malaita Jimmy Lusibaea has registered his disappointment in parliament when he spoke yesterday.

Speaking during the Sine die motion, Mr Lusibaea said he is not convinced that the judiciary is independent.

“I must express my disappointment here on the floor about the judiciary’s handling of my recent case,” he said.

He described the judiciary as parallel and selective.

“Because there are two groups of judges, ones paid by the government and those paid from abroad.”

Mr Lusibaea welcomed the challenge taken up with the courts by Aoke Langalanga MP Mathew Wale on his recent early release from prison.

“I questioned my brother Wale challenging the legality of my early release, but I wish him good luck.”

Mr Lusibaea’s early release has come under heavy criticism prompting the deputy opposition leader Mathew Wale to challenge the decision by the parole board in court.



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