Posted by: nativeiowan | March 31, 2011

It do look funny…

…walking into the office here at the house and seeing a number of weapons strewn around my work station.

It came to mind as I was cleaning up at the end of the day. I got a fair amount done working alternately outside with the guys on the project and inside in the office.

I live by a “clean desk” policy. You gotta clean it up before you go home. Start each day clean and organised… Still have some files open. Connie’s desk is a mess. Annie’s is like mine. But my desk has, from left to right: a) a very old japanese blade in a generic scabbard propped up by the window, two “Maestro Wu” touristy mini swords from Taiwan on my  desk. Made of hardwood; a flat blade, and an ornate knobberry. In the corner is an old black-palm spear.

It is my habit to swing a weapon of some sort as I ruminate. Some people pace. Tom Cruise acting as the lawyer in a few good men (I think) swung a ball bat as he thought things through…

I swing weapons.

My clan and most people who work with me get used to this. Makes perfect sense to me but, I am sure it do look funny to folk who just don’t understand… Or “…can’t handle the truth.”

More later

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