Posted by: nativeiowan | March 30, 2011

working the nightshift

Have a lot of work to do on line with my UK based lawyer. To make it work I am doing night shift hours.

The advantage of course is the sleeping in. I’m up between 9 and 10. Working through the day. Spending time with the 5 year old in the eve.

After supper and bedding the boy down I go back to work. Tonight was real good. Got a lot done and am now wired.

Watching a modern werewolf movie. Modern visual effects are mind blowing. Why do we as communal creatures demands such myths and legends? Are they myth and legend? Shit like this would have scared me to pieces as a kid.

Were we simpler? Less exposed? Dumber? Probably.

Watched “Force 10 From Navarone” earlier. Thank god for suspension of disbelief.

Werewolf movie is on for another 45 minutes. I feel myself winding down. Will see if I stay awake that long.

More later


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