Posted by: nativeiowan | March 24, 2011

the end of the world as we know it…

Central market used as brothel

The Honiara central market is being used as a brothel at night.

THE Honiara Central Market is being used as a brothel where people are allegedly using the premises to perform sexual activities at night.

This was raised by vendors at the market who used to look after their produces over night at the market.

In a letter to the Solomon Star a concerned parent Francis Samora whose daughter was a regular vendor at the market claim the city’s main market had turned into a brothel where night goers regularly use the premises to have sex.

Mr Samora said his daughter told him that people who used to perform their sexual activities there allegedly went to the extent of also doing it in front of the market vendors.

“Some of them just don’t care where they do it and they just do it anywhere even in front of men, women and children.

“This is embarrassing and because of our diverse culture these people should be ashamed of themselves,” Mr Samora said in a letter to the Solomon Star.

He said the illegal sexual activities at the market pose a serious question to the Honiara City Council as to who is responsible for providing security at the market at night.

Mr Samora alleged that some security guards at the market were also involved in the sexual activities.

“This is very serious and I’m appealing to the City Council to investigate the matter because I believe security guards are paid to look after the market area.

“Therefore, why haven’t they act on such immoral acts unless they themselves are involved,” Mr Samora said.

Mr Samora said the Central Market should be respected as the common place where people come to sell their vegetables to consumers.

“I think the market is beginning to lose its real meaning,” he said.

The city council’s supervising clerk Charles Kelly said the city mayor Israel Maeoli had a long executive meeting yesterday so he would be commenting on the issue today.


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