Posted by: nativeiowan | March 16, 2011

Solomons’ fatalities per Japan quake

Tsunami panic kills

WEDNESDAY, 16 MARCH 2011 13:14
Debris left by the tsunami in Japan.

POLICE in Buala, Isabel province confirmed that an elderly man died when he tried to escape during the tsunami warning last week Friday.

The tsunami alert was issued around the Pacific when a giant earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale hit Honsu in Japan last Friday.

Isabel provincial police commander Gabriel Manelusi said the deceased panicked and allegedly collapsed when he tried to escape to higher ground.

Mr Manelusi confirmed the deceased age 70 years old was from Kolapakisa village in Kia.

“He didn’t die because of the waves but because he panicked when villagers rushed to move to higher ground,” he said.

Mr Manelusi said the death resulted in negligence by people during the warning.

Reports also revealed that a woman patient at the Buala hospital also died on Friday during.

Details of how she died was unavailable.

Meanwhile Mr Manelusi said he was not impressed how people in Isabel reacted to the tsunami warning.

“We have received reports from various villages that some people didn’t take the warning last Friday seriously.

“They only tried to escape when the wave arrived which was very dangerous,” he said.

Mr Manelusi said that should not be the way to behave during any tsunami warning because if the waves were bigger people would have been injured or killed.

Three two metre waves swept through the township of Buala and other coastal villages last Friday night, destroying thousands of dollars worth of properties.

Fortunately, no casualties were reported.

Mr Manelusi confirmed that in Buala, the waves have washed up into some shops in the area damaging goods worth thousands of dollars.

Other coastal villages around the province were also battered and filled with debris and sand.

An assessment team including the Provincial Disaster Council, police and other volunteers would be heading out to visit the affected areas today.

Mr Manelusi said three groups would be dispatched to cover different areas.

The first group will be visiting villages from Buala to Kaivanga.

The second group will be visiting villages from Hapadagi to Kia and the third group will be visiting villages from Narabu to Goveo.

The assessment team will be headed by Mr Manelusi


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