Posted by: nativeiowan | March 12, 2011

Saturday in the isles

Life in de isles is gud, mon…

I am happy to be back home. Have some meetings this coming week, then a flight west and later in the month a fishing trip with Dok Filardi.

Saturday is a great day in our house. Friday night is usually late and fun here. Last night, slept in front of the tube with the kid. Zai is recovering from a prolonged flu bout so she got the bed to her self. The kid and I got the front room.

Years ago when we bought furniture for the house we chose pieces that are more than comfortable to pass-out in… and not wake up debilitated.

So we set the aircon on 22c ( about 70 f) Dozer wrapped up in a nice down-comforter. I grabbed a grandma-made afghan. Turned the TV off at about midnight. The kid slept through until well after 6am. I dozed and watched and dreamt until after 9.

Combination of playing and working all day long. It is right on 6pm and the day has not had many fallow moments.

A combination of overcast with showers makes the day cool. Jumped in the pool but it was too dern cold for me. Dozer frolicked for a while but gave up after he realised I was not coming back in.

Played some cards and then have been surfing the yahoo kids web with the kid.

Music for today…

08 mozambique

… lite islands sound… though the irony is thick.

Insects getting nasty… need some nuclear repellant… A roller-applicator of “RID”. The stuff pregnant women and small children wither under.

Just thinking….

02 mr tambourine man

I am sitting on the second story verandah of our house in Honiara.  We’re a-ways above the “city” and back onto the botanical gardens. We’re in the old section of town that has quarter-hectare lots. The neighbors are not too near. It’s a backwater area above and behind the old part of Honiara.

From where I sit I see little other than dense green foliage. A few iron clad roofs peep through the greenery.

Grace has developed her garden so that you are well hidden/ protected wherever you are here. By the pool, in the laundry, back in the cook-house. It is a nice haven of green in the city of dust and slow traffic.

Though the road is just a few meters below me and I hear it clearly ,my vision is protected by a tangle of guava, frangipani, mango, palm, rubber and nut trees.

Kinda cool, as the world spins on…

We have Gadaffi becoming more maniacal. How long can this go on?

Japan has been honored by receiving one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history.

I laughed how one newscaster said “this is the biggest earth quake in 300 years”…  I know, no laughing matter but what is the claim here… how long has mankind been recording earthquake information 300 years ago… 1711…  Yea, a very sustainable fact.

I think this is what Hunter S. Thompson was referring to when he dubbed “the generation of swine” so aptly.

The sun is going to fail soon. Chewy snores lightly in the other cushioned chair. Insects still making their attacks. Tattoo still itches like hell.

And life if guud…



  1. As usual…A nice read…From falling asleep with the children…To be hidden in a Tropical Garden with Civilization just a stone’s throw from the Imagination…And Bobby Zimmerman serenading another day in Paradise “Good-Bye”…”Play a tune for me…I’m not sleepy and there is no place I’m going to…”

    • And life is indeed good

      Happy you like the words

      MEH on the road

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