Posted by: nativeiowan | March 11, 2011

rider’s log 11320-11

In Honiara so this is a false rider’s log. Will be on a bike in Gizo but I don’t even like driving a car in Honiara. The air is so dirty that riding a bike would be very hard on your health. Gizo is different.

In Gizo the roads are so bad that a dirt bike makes heaps of sense. We have a couple small 125 cc machines plus a couple nice 400 cc bikes. They are all a hoot.

Busy at home today; catch up on business affairs through the day, give all 4 dogs a bath about 3 pm, fix the faulty pool pump, then, after playing in the rain, convince Mendozza to have a shower without too much argument, and now I’m being accosted by flies as the day ends, the birds chatter and Chewy snores in the chair beside me.

Over cast with nice showers throughout the day.

Tattoos itch like crazy. Connie is getting supper ready and it smells great. Steve will come over for a yarn. The dogs are happy and the kids can use the pool tomorrow.

Sorta sounds like a country n western song…

Life is gud…

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