Posted by: nativeiowan | March 3, 2011

’bout bloody time…

Obama: Gaddafi must go

7:42 AM Friday Mar 4, 2011
US President Barack Obama. Photo / AP

US President Barack Obama says Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi has lost his legitimacy to lead and must leave.

The president said violence must end in Libya, where Gaddafi is violently attempting to put down an uprising.

Obama’s comments at a joint news conference with Mexico’s president were the first time Obama had appeared in person to call for Gaddafi to leave.

Obama also said he was directing humanitarian assistance to the Libyan border. And he said he had approved the use of military aircraft to help get Egyptians who had fled the uprising there back home.

Meanwhile, witnesses said one of Gaddafi’s warplanes had bombed the oil terminal town of Brega, 800km east of Tripoli, for a second day.

Brega is the site of a struggle for control of a strategically vital coastal road and oil industry facilities.

It is currently held by the rebel forces, but they are under intense pressure from the Libyan military.

“The bombs were just to frighten them to go away,” Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam, said of the Brega air strike on Britain’s Sky News




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