Posted by: nativeiowan | March 2, 2011

rider’s log 2320-11

rider’s log 2320-11
depart arrive location comments
805 palmwoods ridn’ the 800, morning traffic not fun
910 BMW shop drop off 800 for some service
950 BMW shop they are slow, I take a loaner 800 back home
1030 palmwoods morning traffic getting worse
1115 palmwoods heading into the city on the 1200
1200 BNE city traffic not terrible but I hate city ridn
1400 BNE City traffic not too bad, for city traffic
1530 Palmwoods swap bikes and take the shops loaner back
1620 BMW shop drop and pay my bills and buzz home on the 800
1715 palmwoods home, clean both bikes up and smile…

They sure look like a bunch of fun…



  1. Got a friend ( 65 plus years ) who still has to grow up, that leased an Island ( plus minus 2 acres ) and for electric power runs a Harley Davidson with Castrol R oil in the sump hooked up to a 3kw genset,
    His take, whats the use of lite without sound and smell !

    • makes perfect sense to me…

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