Posted by: nativeiowan | February 22, 2011

so much BS…

Ghiro switched: More opposition join govt

TUESDAY, 22 FEBRUARY 2011 03:49

THE Danny Philip led National Coalition for Reform and Advancement government (NCRA) continues to gain the favour of the Opposition members with the latest switch of East Makira MP Alfred Ghiro yesterday evening.

Mr Ghiro in an inclusive interview with The Solomon Star yesterday confirmed he has written to the Speaker of his resignation from both the Independent Group and from the Opposition.

The Solomon Star also cited a copy of his letter to the Speaker which quoted; “I Honourable Alfred Ghiro Member of Parliament for East Makira wish to officially inform you today (yesterday) that I have made up my mind to throw support behind the current NCRA government”.

He said he has decided to join the government because this country needs political stability.

“I view that political instability as a part and parcel of why our country cannot develop as expected by our people.

“I also decide to join the government to support the national budget,” he said.

Mr Ghiro said his move to join the government is not because of money or being promised of any portfolio but because the country needs a stable government and the need to pass the national budget.

“I have no personal differences with the Opposition and the Independent group that led to my move,” he added.

Mr Ghiro said infact when he was elected as the MP for East Makira his people expects him to be with any ruling government which he failed them.

He said his move to switch side now fulfils what his people expect of him.

The latest switch by Mr Ghiro brings the numerical strength of the government to 29-19.

Yesterday another opposition member Stanley Sofu was sworn in to join the government. Member of Parliament for Savo/Russells Dickson Mua was said to have joined the government.

Last Thursday four MPs were sworn in after they defected from the Opposition camp at Heritage Park Hotel.

MP for Ulawa Ugi, James Tora returned to his old Ministry of Police and National Security position, MP for Gela, Mark Kemakeza also returned to his old Ministry of Mines and Energy role, MP for Lau/Mbaelelea, Walter Folotalu was the new Minister for Provincial Government and MP for North Guadalcanal, Martin Sopaghe returned to his old Ministry of Lands and Housing.



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