Posted by: nativeiowan | February 22, 2011

a bright future for all?

Jobless graduates

FRIDAY, 18 FEBRUARY 2011 09:09
Dear Editor – Let me put some few frustration views about our ‘Jobless Agricultural Graduate Students’.

Many hard working parents are sending their kids to the ‘School of Natural Resources’ at SICHE every year, believing that their kids might graduate and have a job.

I for one can say that nothing comes out from their hard working because majority of their kids don’t get any job at all because of many reasons, some of them roam around the streets, in and out of offices asking human resources managers in the Department of Agriculture and Livestock for any vacancies available, while others are involved in criminal activities because they are giving up.

I am so confused why our Government leaders didn’t see these jobless kids and help them with scholarships for higher level or provide more vacancies for them.

Enough of political issues but try to tackle the problems of the rising jobless in the country.

It’s really shameful that parents play their parts in Education while Government Leaders just sit at their rolling chairs discussing political matters ignoring the rising problems of the country.

I hope that our PM understands these situations because he is an Educationist by professional so he would be very much in tune with what is needed for the kids of those developing Nation (Solomon Island).

Jonathan Tebabusi Tobire
Mbua Valley

My comment is… Fat bloody chance, Jonathan.

These guys are only interested in maintaining power/ maintaining the “numbers”

So sad… sore lo solomoni…



  1. Well…If this is any consolation…My daughter has been in the field of Education since college…And she has commented to me…On several occasions…”Hard to convince kids these days to go to college…When they know…After they have a couple $100,000. invested in that education…There will be no jobs waiting for them…And they will end up with a debt they can’t pay off…”

    • so sad…

      so tru…

      look forward to rebellion in such a case.

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