Posted by: nativeiowan | February 20, 2011

As the world implodes, again…

I sit and ponder…

Throughout our planet people, just like you and I, are fighting for their basic rights as individuals. They live in countries that have, for varying reasons, been autocratic of nature and fascist by design.

Consider that Libya has been ruled for over 40 , most of my life, by an iron fisted, militaristic regime. And they are lucky, they have oil. Bahrain is little known but is actually an imperial type government with a king (Emir or Sultan) as absolute head. As Libya, they have oil.

Both these examples see the leaders and their families and friends living rich. And all others doing as best they can.

As a western born, raised and educated individual I/ you and I have huge advantages that simple come to us by an accident of birth.

Seriously… no matter what you think or understand how can we stand by and allow such in our modern day and age?

We are well fed, happy and content (even our poorest in comparison) while the fires of freedom are burning in the hearts of so many.

And consider… the fascist regimes will kill those who defy them. ANd, AND… many of these regimes recieve support from our very friendly, democratic, western nations.

golly, we have it so dern good.

Viva le revolution…

Or rather, lets pull our heads out of our collective asses and put an end to autocratic fascism… how, I don’t know… support the movement, Make a statement, take stand. Hell, vote in your home lands against politicians that are war mongers. Hell, I don’t know but have got to be able to, communally, make a difference somewhere, somehow… Blog, discuss, read, be informed…

Sitting in the arm chair and watching it all like a sporting event IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!



  1. so true.

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