Posted by: nativeiowan | February 19, 2011

I sit and ponder…

So many things…

How much joy there is in having a child around.

How much affection and emotion a dog can show with the use of their tail.

How much communication one can do without words.

How words often lead us to so much confusion.

How cool it is when your cat brings a bird in the house and strews feathers all over having fun with their catch. No matter it’s a huge mess and there is blood on your new rug.

How much it hurts when that”killer kat” sticks its claws into your arm while you play rough

How much it can hurt when you ram your baby toe into the leg of a wooden table.

How much easier it is to be warm if you are not wet.

How much we blaspheme lawyers when we don’t need them and sing their praises after they save your keester from the fire.

How good sunshine feels, no matter what temp it is outside.

How a fire in a hearth makes a room so much more inviting.

How rain on the roof prompts one to remain in bed.

How motorcycles put and ear to ear grin on some and scare the shit out of others.

How a country girl who knows horses will jump in under the hooves of a big stud but cringes from a bizzy street.

How such simple things, a good word or a positive achievement, can make one feel so positively powerful.

How such simple things, a rude statement or an angry confrontation, can make one feel to terribly defeated.

How the use of a person’s name makes them perk up and become so responsive.

How “hey you” don’t really work all that well.

How green it is in England in February… literally boggles my mind really.

How cool it is to think my children’s great grandfather was a bona-fide head hunter.

How the act of killing for the table so excites some and turns others off. Most poeple that eat meat would never cosnider killing a large animal like a moose or an elk or an elephant.

How going fast can be such a buzz.

How, while travelling the fastest most any of us will ever tarvel (via modern jets), you have little or no sensation of movement.

How long a list like this could really become…

I invite other to add to this


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