Posted by: nativeiowan | February 17, 2011

the waiting game

THE Opposition will petition Governor General to bring the sitting of Parliament back to February 24.

This was after Prime Minister Danny Philip advised the Speaker of Parliament on Tuesday to call Parliament sitting on March 28.

Leader of Opposition Steve Abana earlier said the Prime Minister had agreed with Speaker of Parliament Sir Allen Kemakeza to convene Parliament on March 7 or 14.

This was when the three of them met together in Parliament on Monday.

However, the PM changed his tune when he advised the Speaker on the date on Tuesday.

Deputy Opposition Leader, Mathew Wale described the PM’s decision as irresponsible.

“We will push for the motion of no confidence for a much longer time frame before the budget,” he said.

“We cannot see any good reason why the meeting should be delayed to the 28th, even why it should be delayed to the 14th. Why cant the meeting be held next week?”

“So we will be petitioning the governor general today…by asking him to bring the meeting forward to the 24th,” Mr Wale said.

The Public Accounts Committee will receive the draft Budget on February 28 and it will take up to 12 days to scrutinise and fine-tune the budget.

Mr Wale said it was quite irresponsible of the Government to delay the meeting knowing that it would result in a Constitutional crisis.

“It is very clear that the government does not have the numbers needed to pass its budget,” he said.

“I am quite sure that the budget will be defeated.”

A spokesperson from Government House said the Governor General can change the date provided he held consultation first with the Prime Minister.
“There is a slim chance for the Governor General to change the date,” the spokesperson said.

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