Posted by: nativeiowan | February 17, 2011

political BS

The Deputy Opposition leader Mathew Wale has denied claims that they would use public funds to pay for the Opposition’s hotel bills once they over throw the government.

Speaking to the local journalists during his press conference at the Heritage Park Hotel yesterday, Mr Wale told the media that they would pay for the hotel bills on money from their own pocket.

Mr Wale said that it is important for the Opposition to stay together at one place during political crisis like this as both sides are pulling each other to get the numerical strength.

“Most of the members of the parliament (MP) with the opposition are based in the provinces so it is important that they live together at one place just for this time of political rival,” he said.

Mr Wale told the nation not to worry about their hotel bills as they will pay for it themselves.

“But if the people want to help donate some money to pay our bills then it is up to them as they will stay there only during the time of this political instability,” he said.

However, one senior citizen of Solomon Islands John Umata challenged Mr Wale as a national leader to reveal his source of fund they rely on to settle this million dollars hotel bills.

He said that even the millionaires cannot afford to live in the hotels for that long and even Mr Wale himself and Bodo Dettke the two famous business men of that group are not sleeping in the hotel because they know very well how hard it is to find money than just to spend it like running water.

“We all Solomon Islanders are coming from poor families since history of our forefathers and it is surprising that this opposition group is claiming that they will pay this million dollar hotel bills from money generated from their own sweat,” Mr Umata said.

He said that the public will protest if the Opposition take over the government and using the public purse to pay for their Heritage Park Hotel bills.

He said that sources of fund must be clearly shown to the senior citizens of this country as it concerns the poor services in the country but still we impose careless spending of public fund.

The government yesterday also accuses the Opposition of playing outright hypocrisy and double standard by incurring huge hotel bills and expecting the government to pay for such unauthorized expenditures.

“It is also shameful that the Opposition that has been barking so much about transparency, accountability, and good governance, in its bid to topple the NCRA Government is now trying to manipulate the government system to pay for its unauthorized hotel bills incurred as part of its strategy to topple the NCRA Government,” the statement said.

The Statement said the government is seeking legal options to force the Heritage Park Hotel to release the details of the Opposition hotel bills.


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