Posted by: nativeiowan | February 16, 2011

the man with the mop

The man with mop. You see him everywhere. But never notice. In malls, airports, office buildings… you see the man with the mop everywhere.

Some look at him with derision. Some with fear.

The man with the mop comes behind. Our messes and mistakes are his duty. Our children’s accidents, wet and sticky, are his responsibility.

The man with the mop seldom smiles. In our presence. How can he? As no one sees him. As he carries out his duties and faithfully attends, we all look to the side. Away from the man with the mop.

What would happen if we started a conversation?

Funny though, there was a fellow in the Des Moines airport, friendly and actually quite load. Spoke to everyone. Asked you your name. His was Rodney.

But that was Iowa. Friendly Iowa.

Could never happen elsewhere. Elsewhere the man with the mop is a nonentity.  As he attends to our messes, mops the floor and empties the trash.  Essential to our society but shunned and ignored…

Seems strange that we ignore those who do the most for us…



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