Posted by: nativeiowan | February 12, 2011

when the master calls the bad dawg…

THE government claimed their meeting with the Australian High Commissioner pointed out that both countries were victims of the deputy Opposition leader’s ‘unauthorised’ use of Australia’s name to gain support from politicians.

In an email from the Prime Minister press secretary Alfred Sasako to the Solomon Star yesterday, he said that both parties had agreed and demanded that the deputy opposition leader Matthew Wale must refrain from using Australia’s name in any shape or form when trying to lure politicians.

“Both parties have made their case clear and Australia has noted that the Solomon Islands government claims were legitimate,” he said.

Asked what else was discussed during the meeting, Mr Sasako said the full details of the discussions could not be revealed to the media.

The Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Shanel met with the Australian government representative Frank Ingruber on Thursday.

The Australian High Commission office in Honiara described the meeting as ‘successful’ and ‘constructive’.

The Australian High Commission also declined to give full details of the meeting but said during the meeting with Prime Minister and Mr Shanel, High Commissioner Igruber reiterated that the allegations in the media had no basis.

In a statement they said Mr Ingruber reaffirmed the Australian government’s vision in the country and that was to continue to work with the Solomon Islands Government to promote stability, economic progress and the welfare of all Solomon Islanders.

“The meeting was successful and constructive,” the statement said.

However, deputy opposition leader Matthew Wale was furious with claims that alleged he was using Australia’s name in politics.

“This people are stupid. I have never used the name of Australia, I don’t need to use the name of Australia and I don’t want to use the name of Australia. I want to make it clear that the government is not ruptured by the opposition but by the government itself. MPs come to us freely without any favour because they have no trust in the Prime Minister. Why do I need Australia’s help? These allegations are childish,” he said.

Mr Wale said the government must prepare to provide evidence when the case goes before the courts.

The deputy opposition leader is filing a defamation lawsuit against the Prime Minister and his press secretary.

Earlier this week the Government in what they described as a ‘top intelligence report’ in a six page document pointed fingers at RAMSI and Australia as the major players behind the Opposition’s conspiracy in trying to topple the Danny Philip regime.

The report also claimed Australia also offered money to MPs if they agreed to defect to the Opposition and said certain court cases were rigged.

After days of wrangling, denial and accusations the matter has been resolved diplomatically by the two governments.


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