Posted by: nativeiowan | February 9, 2011

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PM yet to talk about claims

DESPITE the sensitivity of the claims the Government has made about Australia the Prime Minister has been so silent in recent days.

Following an intelligence report from within the Government being released to the Solomon Star that claimed Australia had launched a conspiracy to overthrow the Danny Philip regime, the Opposition has raised questions.

“Where is the Prime Minister and why hasn’t he explained and proved to the nation the claims against RAMSI and Australia,” an Opposition spokesperson said.

It was understood that the PMs press secretary Alfred Sasako was speaking on Mr Philip’s behalf defending his boss releasing a statement recently stating that the Government does not need to provide evidence to support their claims because the matter was confidential.

The Government in what they described as a ‘top intelligence report’ in a six page word document pointed fingers at RAMSI and Australia as the major players behind the Opposition’s conspiracy in trying to topple the Danny Philip regime.

The Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands Frank Ingruber said in a statement yesterday that all the allegations were completely untrue.

It is understood Mr Ingruber wants a meeting with Prime Minister Philip but at this stage the Prime Minister has not responded to Mr Ingruber.

However, the Solomon Star understands that arrangements for Mr Ingruber to meet the Prime Minister had been arranged by the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The Foreign Affairs office confirmed to the Solomon Star yesterday that Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Shanel had already been briefed on the matter by Government officials yesterday.

It is understood that by way of protocol, the Foreign Affairs Minister would be making an appointment to meet Mr Ingruber before another appointment would be arranged for Prime Minister Philip to meet the Australian High Commissioner.

The Australian Government are reportedly concerned about the report and they are taking the matter seriously.

The Australian Government was quick to respond summoning Solomon Islands High Commissioner to Australia Beraki Jino on Tuesday night by the Parliamentary Secretary for the Pacific, Richard Marles for a “please explain.”

Meanwhile, the Opposition office has reiterated their call for the Prime Minister and his press secretary to provide evidence to support their claims.

“What is disturbing about this is that someone smart enough to fabricate the `intel report’ would be stupid enough to think something so laughable would work,” a spokesman from the Opposition said.

Mr Philip’s government is struggling to maintain majority, with the opposition claiming a number of government MPs’ defections this year had given them a mandate to rule.

Although, the Prime Minister is ruling with a minority government they are confident of passing the budget when Parliament meets next month.

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