Posted by: nativeiowan | February 7, 2011

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WITH the two latest resignations from the Government, Prime Minister Danny Philip has been challenged to prove to the nation he has the numbers to rule.

And with less than a month before Parliament sits to pass the 2011 Budget, the Prime Minister has been called onto prove his numbers to avoid a constitutional crisis.

The Solomon Star understands that in order for the Government to avoid a constitutional crisis Parliament must convene before Parliament sits to pass the budget because either way the Opposition say they were prepared to defeat the budget.

Speaking to the Solomon Star yesterday at the Heritage Park Hotel deputy Opposition leader Matthew Wale and Member for North/West Guadalcanal Bodo Dettke said Prime Minister Philip has two options and that was to resign or call Parliament to prove his numbers.

“It is simple, call Parliament or resign because it clearly showed that MPs are defecting from the Government because they have no trust in the Prime Minister,” both Opposition members said.

The Opposition is leading the political number game with 26-22.

This was after Mr Kemakeza and Mr Sophage earlier resigned from the Government and joined the Opposition.

They recently took their oath and moved back to the Government and now they are back with the Opposition after they resigned last Friday.

Mr Wale and Mr Dettke said they were prepared to take on the Government when they debate in Parliament.

“Enough of debating in the media and lets take it to the floor of Parliament,” Mr Wale said.

Meanwhile, security in both camps has been beefed up as lobbying intensifies ahead of the Parliament sitting next month.

Some MPs are reportedly under high surveillance to avoid attempts to lure them.

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