Posted by: nativeiowan | February 6, 2011

sore lo solomoni

This is too good to pass up… basically the incumbent government is kid napping opposition members and putting all sorts of pressure on them. So sad. Sore lo solomoni…

OPPOSITION Leader, Steve Abana was said to have intercepted a group of Government’s supporters at Honiara domestic airport on Thursday.

This came after they took resigned Minister for Police, James Tora and wanted to send him to the Western Province.

According to our source from Opposition, the Government’s supporters used Mr Tora’s relatives to lure him inside a dark tinted taxi.

“When Tora got inside the taxi, there were government’s supporters sitting inside,” our source said.

“They drove with Mr Tora to the airport and wanted to send him on a flight to Western Province.

“Luckily Steve Abana followed behind the vehicle and got Tora from the Government’s supporters,” our source said.

“The Government is really desperate to increase its number and resort to some kind of conning measures.”

Tora did not want to comment on this issue.

It was also reported that the Government sent some of its friend to lure Opposition members, Dickson Mua, Clay Forau and three South region MPs in Malaita, Rick Hou, John Mane and Andrew Hanaria.

Currently the number game between the Government and Opposition is locked at 24/24.
The Opposition filed a motion of no confidence to Parliament on Tuesday.

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