Posted by: nativeiowan | February 6, 2011

even the simplest things become convoluted in these islands…

Now we’re fighting over “dolphin money”…

JOSEPH Wane has denied playing any part in the distribution of the $25,000 given by Earth Island Institute (EII) to Walande community last Christmas.

This came after Walande community member Willie Fa’asu accussed Wane’s committee yesterday for not distributing the money fairly to the community.

Mr Wane said he did not go to village on Christmas but remained at Honiara.

“The committee shared the money,” he said.

“If it’s short then it’ll have to be like that because the money was not meant for sharing but to host a Christmas party.

“Fa’asu doesn’t need to complain but do a project for people in Walande,” Mr Wane said.

EII gave a total of $50,000 to be shared among the Walande and Fanalei community.

The Fanalei community received the remaining $25,000.

The money was part of the Christmas gift given by EII to the two communities for cooperating well in their dolphin project.

EII wanted the two communities to stop dolphin hunting in their waters.


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