Posted by: nativeiowan | February 4, 2011

natural disasters aside… lets discuss Egypt

what is the latest…

Best of the Week: Egyptians prove they are a democracy

Egyptian protests continue; turn violent

The most famous protests of our times continue unabated in Egypt.

During the week, embattled President Mubarak fired his cabinet, appointed new ministers, tried to get the army to enforce martial law, tired to enter negotiations with the opposition and even offered to step down when his term was complete in September.

The protestors offered to stop their agitation and go home peacefully only if Mubarak quit office with immediate effect and preferably left the country as well.

Mubarak’s stand stems from his belief that the country will dissolve into chaos if he does not set up an orderly transition.

The protestors’ stand arises from the fact that they were not born yesterday and refused to allow the spirit of their protests to be dissipated on the strength of weak promises.

In a sad note however, the protests have been steadily declining into more violence with the numbers of the dead and the injured steadily increasing in clashes. Even the army, which made no move to oppose the protests earlier, began to get uneasy and asked the protestors to calm down.

But the protests have been hailed as the first new-age protest where the youth of a nation, coupled with modern social media, organised mass protests. So a definite sign of changing times in the Middle-East. Egypt has proven through a million voices that it is indeed a democracy.


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